Psychology and Clinical Hypnosis


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Protocols and experiences of Clinical Hypnosis and psychotherapy, exposed by professionals of high international prestige. Memorial Book of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Clinical Hypnosis and Experimental.

A teaching material that allows to know the new trends of Clinical Hypnosis and modern psychology.

Excellent compendium Memorial of the 20 anniversary of the Foundation of AIHCE Association International of hypnosis clinical and Experimental

Is written by Member teachers of the Association and that also has a great prestige International. Each author has written a part of the book providing its knowledge to those readers that not can attend to our courses or conferences. The topics treated include the hypnosis clinical, therapy regressive, coaching personal and business, neuroscience, Neuro reconstruction emotional, hypnosis heuristic, technical of opto stimulation emotional sensory.

Undoubtedly a material that does not you will leave indifferent by their clarity and solvency of their authors.

Surely some topics will surprise you and encourage you to investigate more on new research on Clinical Hypnosis and therapeutic effectiveness. By John C. Naranjo Alcega PhD, Osmar Colás MD, Antonio Alcalá Malavé MD, Teresa Robles Uribe PhD (Authored by), Star Rufo MD, Beatriz Gisela Testa Odont. , Claudio Antonio Reyes PhD, Kristel Jeanine Polo Lic Ps, Alejandro Cuellar Coach Dr. Vânia Macedo Bressani PS. project created by the International Association of Clinical Hypnosis and Experiemental AIHCE.

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