Hypnosis ultra fast or fulminant

Ultra fast or fulminant, hypnosis is a technique that was discovered by Juan C. Naranjo Alcega Ph. D and presented at the meeting of the Group of the pain of the University of São Paulo Brazil in the year 2008.

It is now shown in different circles of hypnosis as something outstandingWhen at the beginning, many spoke of theatricality.

They are today demonstrating in international circles of hypnosis, showing their effectiveness in 99% of people without prior conditioning.

It will surely wonder how it is possible?

If to my taught me that you to make a rapid hypnosis, I had to condition the patient with a previous hypnotic post order.

The truth is that it is so when we use traditional technologies.

However in this ultra fast hypnosis technique, is not necessary prior conditioning.

What makes this technique something extraordinary is that it subtly touched a certain area of the eye of a person and is produces an effect instant neurophysiological making to enter in a trance to the patient, in 3-5 seconds.

At first those who were unaware of this technique criticized it thinking that it was only a theatrical fact or that there was a trick, but after numerous demonstrations at universities in Europe, America and centers specialized in clinical hypnosis.

Finally it has been recognized as the newest 50 years hypnosis technique.

This does not confirm that AIHCE always follows along with the research of new techniques.

Dr Martin Rodriguez

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