Neuroscience supports the therapeutic hypnosis

During more than thirty and five years I've dedicated to the hypnosis clinical or therapeutic and to the psychotherapy creative (1). And every day I am surprised more of the beneficial and ecological effects in the patient.

Only after the end of the century passed from the Decade of the nineties, we can say that it is opening a light in the tunnel of the functioning of the brain and giving answers to certain empirical knowledge of the States of altered consciousness, found in the Papyrus of Ebers in Egypt 3,000 years ago. Where them hieroglyphic mentioned that the priests did a practice initiation that today we know as hypnosis.

Thanks to the scanners of Positron (PET) know today, that areas brain is activated in the process hypnotic, are the same areas that is activated in the brain, when we learn something of form automatic or an emotion exceeds the area of censorship of form subliminal, or a new learning is stored by repetition.

This discovery has allowed to give a range of very important credibility to the hypnotic process. And hence more neuro-psychologists interested in investigating the issue. Unfortunately, there is little investment in this research in the universities, as even an art and not a science.

James Braid defines hypnotism in his 1855 book, The physiology of the fascination, of this form:

With the intention of simplify the study of them actions and reactions reciprocal of it mind and it matter between itself... it condition (hypnotic) arises of them influences that exist within the own body of the patient, it influence of it attention concentrated, or them new ideas dominant, in the modification of it action physical, and these changes dynamic re-actuando on the mind of the subject. I have adopted the term "hypnotism" or nervous sleep for this process... And finally, as a generic term, understanding all of these phenomena which result from the reciprocal actions of the mind and the matter among themselves, I think that more appropriate term than there is a "psychophysiology" (Braid, 1855).

Psychophysiology, Here's a term that had been forgotten, until new studies on hypnosis, have shown that it is fully valid today. And if expanded even more the concept say that the hypnosis is a phenomenon neuro-psycho-biological.

1. and for example this: extend their hands towards forward with the Palms towards up to the height of their shoulders more or less.


2. closing the eyes make three breaths deep and think, displayed or feel a problem or conflict that you affects and mentally deposit it in the hand left or right which you want. (for thirty seconds)

3. now simply think of this problem or emotion that affects you, it is possible that while you think about the conflict or emotion hand where mentally settled the problem, you are hot or cold, or lower or higher than the other,

4. If that happens it is because the neuro-physiology is fulfilling its function properly and their dendrites synapses are taking the information to an area of the neocortex and ordered to release neurotransmitters.


5. now repeat the initial exercise (30 seconds), think, visualize or feel the actions or options that provides your mind and that might solve your problem (for thirty seconds) and then place on the other hand.

6 and allow yourself to feel the sensations of his hands again. And check as they are the two hands, which one is more cold or hot and more up or down than the other.

Take three or four minutes, the exercise, and at the end of the article check the answer

This simple exercise, is so can check how works the neuro-Physiology, and that understand as the process of recall produces a change physiological, as also it produces an option of cure u opportunity of change positive.

This is to say that: The condition hypnotic arises the own conditions innate that exist within the patient. With this Protocol can make many experiences enriching both for the patient as to the therapist.

The repetition is the magic. We know that the hippocampus stores the information of way temporary, related with experiences, learnings and any circumstance vital. He hippocampus must download that information for to continue running, and that is produces when the mind is offline or when sleep and especially in the stage REM.

At the time when the conscious mind does not interfere, it is when the hippocampus sends information to the neocortex and Lisman & Morris (2001) the information is repeated constantly, seems that to the neocortex le cuesta learn. And by that process of repeating the information It passes to the cerebral cortex and the learnings, memories or experiences are stored.


Wow! This is news!

We know that the hypnosis is produced by excitation cortical, therefore we can say without fear to mislead us, that the repetition of own or suggestive experiences by means of hypnosis is similar to the repetition of shipment of information that makes the hippocampus to the neocortex.

At AIHCE from makes four years are working in patients with fibromyalgia, and use a protocol similar to the described above, only add games of imagination and unlock emotional, in a State hypnotic grade 1. Imagination lets dissociate and put emotional suffering to an object that the patient has in hand, where to download all your frustration and psychological pain. Do four sessions weekly "repeat and repeat the process" after four to eight weeks the sixty and eight by one hundred of them patients improve and exceed the suffering restarted its activity, the rest improve until 6 or 7 in the ESD (3) from 1 to 10

In the cerebral cortex, is where you create and produce the creative dialogues of psychotherapy and therapeutic hypnosis. In those dialogues creative and them suggestions reflective that can use with the patient must avail us of the language heuristic (4) of processing implicit. What you want to say this? That must use words or phrases that seem neutral and tasteless but that implicitly cause a feedback in the patient very powerful.

And at this point I would like to highlight, as it has changed the way of understanding psychotherapy in the last twenty years. Talk of intuition of the therapist was a sacrilege. The psychologist not could in no case use your intuition, however has last much water under the bridge and today transfer, rapport, intuition, already seem to something similar or is can confuse. And I think that that is should that now speak also of brain plasticity(5) and mirror neurons(6). We use the neurolinguistic, systemic hypnosis, Gestalt, the emotional script, past life therapy, duel etc. therapy and although certain corporate groups desmerezcan its therapeutic validity, there are and for me are as valid as the confession or the wailing wall. (Saving the distance)

Every day we know more about our brain, neuro-physiological process, the way binary or quantum of encode and decode information, sound or visual etc. And this resembles the electricity around the world it is used but in basically no one really knows what electricity.

Something similar happens with hypnosis all talk about hypnosis and quantified measurements made in the laboratory, but ultimately no one knows because the human being is capable of generating such as powerful internal process; that both you can get sick, as it can cure.

We do not know because heuristic communication and the ambiguous or vague, suggestions provoke an expansion possibilities Creative from the subconscious of the patient.

But we do know that if I say to someone:

Listen to your inner voice and maybe you'll hear a response from deep, although distant from your long hours of waiting value... A Word, an action, a help, can give you the signal that your mind unconscious is waiting for both time... Without shrink wishes... allows that your neurons release all its energy healing and open you to receive the signal of cure. (Now think you, would how or that should made to allow that their neurons release the energy healing?) Surely not it knows, but not matter, something is has mobilized entered for you, is as say "help me God mine..." ") The phraseology is heuristic, vague and unclear, complies with" the universal law of the guru.

With a probability of 99% person will associate everything I have said to their conflict. Although I know what.

Starting from there still intervening with other wording according to the answers quinesicas that sense of the patient.

This is called secret therapy and we practice it pretty effectively for twenty-two years

No doubt the expression more accurate to define the hypnosis therapy is: psychotherapy creative. Because the hypnosis to difference of other practices therapeutic allows an intervention more direct and to levels more deep in the psyche of the patient. We also assume the certainty, that suggestion and hypnosis are present in all the acts of our lives and in any kind of personal relationship.

The hypnosis is so versatile that is can associate to the medicine and to the psychology, to the marketing, to the advertising, and any put in scene of a human being, in the art, the music, the sport. The hypnosis comes of factory inside our motor cerebral, not is acquired or optional, this belongs to the system of communication gene. This makes that is so powerful.

Recent studies have proven that those babies that heard speeches in a language foreign determined, during their first months of life, are more easy learn that languages in the College or once are adults. Psychologists from the University of Bristol indicated that the brain in development in the uterus, passes by a period of "programming" in which sets for the life of the individual their capacity to recognize sounds key that is converted in his language native.

Thus, when a baby is born, it has the ability to distinguish each type of speech. Even if parents are English, the child has the ability to differentiate Greek and Chinese vocal sounds. A newly born is able to distinguish all the sounds, but about six months to select only those that are relevant for your language. Why a baby could learn if problems two or three languages at the same time.

This is wonderful, see as each day check that we can modify our software if use the tools appropriate. The secret of the baby is the brain plasticity. Either; observation, exercise and repetition that cause a change, and this also is valid for the adults.

Would how be a good hipnologo? Always advise my students first mimic my ways of doing so learn and then what are they same, that does not treat of imitate to others professional in their forms of intervention, that are creative, that the psychotherapy and the hypnosis without creativity is little thing.

In the courses, making practices between them students these seek to see who gets be more heuristic and creative, pointing to a target therapeutic defined. Thus gain in security and stimulate their neurons mirror improving the plasticity brain. But they also learn the most sought-after secret, "ZF State" that is the critical point of hypnosis.

The most of them professional that attend to them courses, already have made another training in hypnosis, classic or Ericksonian, however ensure that les lack something to feel is safe, that in many cases not les da result the induction. And I them say that not is worry, that use their neurons mirror when I do the demonstrations to determine the State or time ZF.

Is summarizes: all those processes neuro-psycho-biological depend of our genes, but can be modified and conditioned, using stimuli psychological that activate repeatedly our neocortex. And for this not there best tool that the neuro reconstruction emotional by medium hypnosis heuristic and the psychotherapy creative.


John C. Naranjo Alcega
Director of AIHCE
Doctor in psychology Social
Master in Clinical Hypnosis
Expert in Kinaesthetic
NLP Master
Business Coach