Master em Hipnose clinic

Master em Hipnose clinical em São Paulo Brazil

Students acquire superior knowledge about hypnosis and the most diverse techniques to hypnotize.

Recipients: this course is intended for physicians, psychologists and therapists in General, of any specialty.

Goals: providing the opportunity to improve and expand the knowledge about hypnosis

The student, upon completion of the Master, will be able to incorporate new technologies into their practice and in queries.

The course will be taught in 4 modules, andm weekends 90 more days in virtual classroom

Students acquire superior knowledge about hypnosis and the most diverse techniques of hypnotism, including quick techniques, usually not taught in any course. Avanzadas techniques for induction, induction of trance and deepening of trance, suggestion, trance-like output regenerative. And the new protocols of hypnosis heuristics More info

Presentation and introduction

  • The students events
  • Advances in neuroscience in the study of the mind
  • Introduction to basic Hypnosis Psychology
  • Brain function and the hypnotic process.
  • Creation of States through conversation
  • Fundamental laws of the hypnotic process
  • Stanford Heuristic Model
  • Heuristic programming method (hypnosis Heuristics)
  • Assimilate techniques of classical hypnosis
  • Meet the canons of Ericksonian hypnosis
  • Understand the difference between classical and Ericksonian hypnosis.
  • Understand the standard Ericksonian change.
  • Markers of the hypnotic state.
  • Miller Law
  • Learn how to determine the exact moment of the phenomenon "oops".
  • Quick techniques and neurophysiological response induction
  • Ericksonian pure induction, a student demonstration.
  • Meet the hypnotic process to produce changes in the other.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming neurophysiological techniques
  • The emotional restructuring under hypnosis
  • Behavioral Clinical Hypnosis scripts
  • Psycho-therapy image scripts
  • The psycho-biological interaction
  • The answer somatógena
  • Neurotransmitters and autocurativo factor
  • Modify the physiological responses to hypnosis
  • Answer Clinical Hypnosis basal
  • Hypnosis noncommittal
  • Blood pressure under hypnosis
  • Introduction to Systemic Hypnosis
  • Different protocols for smoking, obesity, fear, phobia,
    Fibromyalgia, pain, etc.
  • Experiêncial training standards for change through the hypnotic language
  • Methodology for therapy and the change of mixed practice
  • Learn to draw a series of interventions based on the customer's model
  • Protocols to generate patterns of change in a variety of contexts
  • Behavioral modeling subliminal.
  • Use modeling to create practical interventions for clients.

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