Master in hypnosis clinkers Ericksonian-Chile


Master in hypnosis clinical Ericksonian-Santiado de Chile

This course is directed to medical, psychologists and in general to other professionals of the area medical and business.

Offer the opportunity of improving and expanding knowledge of hypnosis. To the student after completing the Master, is able to incorporate new technologies to its practice in consultation.

Them students acquire them knowledge top of hypnosis and techniques of hypnosis fast, protocols of performance in different ailments psychosomatic, control of the pain, cancer, depression, fear, phobias, smoking etc.

The course is held in the city of Santiago de Chile, on 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 January 2017


· Presentation and introduction

· Shows with students

· Advances in neuroscience in the study of the mind

· Introduction to basic psychology to hypnosis

· The function brain and the process hypnotic.

· Creation of States through the conversation

· Law fundamental of the process hypnotic

· Epigenetics and the effect of emotions on generations

· Introduction to systemic hypnosis and its epigenetic effect in the next generations

· Stanford heuristic model

· Assimilate top classical hypnosis techniques

· Learn the canons of Ericksonian hypnosis

· Understand the difference between classic hypnosis and Ericksonian.

· Understand the patterns of change Erickson.

· Markers of hypnotic state.

· Law of Miller

· Learn to determine the time exact of the phenomenon "Ops".

· Technical fast of induction and response Neuropsychological

· Model Milton and its semantic structure

· Power of the metaphor and level neural

· Induction Ericksonian pure demonstration with student.

· Knowing the process hypnotic to produce changes in the others.

· Neuro-linguistic programming

· Neuro Emotional Reconstruction ©

· Modify answers somatic by means of the techniques more advanced.

  • Technique of Neuro-reconstruction-emotional "NRE" ©
  • Technique of Opto-stimulation-Neuronal "OEN" ® for superação quick of flash back and fears, made traumatic, etc
  • Hypnosis heuristics ©
  • Decoding Neuropsychological

· Neurophysiological techniques

· Scripts cognitive in hypnosis clinic

· The emotional restructuring under hypnosis

· Behavioral in clinical hypnosis scripts

· Physiotherapeutic scripts with psycho-image

· The psycho-biological interaction

· The answer somatogena

· Neurotransmitters and self-healing factor

· Basal response in Clinical Hypnosis

· Response vagal in hypnosis

· Learn how to control blood pressure and blood glucose through hypnosis

· Several protocols for smoking, obesity, fear, phobia, fibromyalgia, pain, etc.

· Experiential training of change through the hypnotic language patterns

· Methodology for therapy and change from mixed practice

· Learn how to design a range of interventions based on the model of customer

· Protocols for generating patterns of change in a variety of contexts including therapy, education, training, business and sport.

· Subliminal or hidden behavioral modeling technique.

· Use modeling to create intervention practices for the customers.


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