International Master in Clinical Hypnosis in Quito - Ecuador


In the city of Quito from 10 to 13 November 2016, el Master will be taught by J. C. Naranjo Alcega Ph. D. - Academic Director of A.I.H.C.E. who is the creator of several of the most striking techniques in hypnosis clinic in recent decades. He has published several books on the subject and is international speaker with great career for all Latin America.


These four face-to-face days correspond to the first phase of the Master and will be developed intensively 50% theory - 50% practice. Is taught the theory and is carried out shows real with them students, after this, is exchanged appreciations and all them students must put in practice it learned with their colleagues.

«Will be monitored and evaluated in each day»

Once completed this first stage presence, the study of the Master will continue to distance for a period of six months on the virtual platform of A.I.H.C.E.


Approved the phases face-to-face and virtual + the monograph, students receive the academic Diploma of MASTER IN CLINICAL HYPNOSIS, awarded by the Association International of hypnosis clinical and Experimental (A.I.H.C.E.) of Spain; including the record in the database academic of the Association.


• Acquire knowledge about the hypnosis and its importance current in the medicine and in the field business.
• Learn the secrets of the hypnosis with technical exclusive not reported before in our country.
• Acquire the ability to join his practice in consultation or management hypnosis clinic.


To achieve the title of Master in hypnosis clinic is must:

• Assist and approve the face-to-face part which will take place in four days of intensive -10 to November 13, 2016 - in the city of Quito.
• Perform and approve activities that are in A.I.H.C.E. virtual classroom for which students will receive 6 months after the completion of the face-to-face encounter.
• Students will be evaluated in face-to-face sessions and within the virtual classroom.
• Meet the load time computing classroom + classroom virtual of 200 hours.
• To complete the Master - at the end of the period of the virtual classroom – students must file a MONOGRAPH that will be evaluated prior to their qualification.


This Master is directed at professional-national and foreign-medical, psychologists, psychiatrists, dentists, therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, coaches, NLP trainers and in general to experts of the area medical and business.


For access to the Master, the professional applicant must send to this mail electronic: the following documents:

• Application form

TAB OF REGISTRATION-CHOICE WEB(Print directly from your browser, fill out completely, scan both sides and send everything by Email)
REGISTRATION - JPG OPTION FORM(Save the two images on your computer, print them, fill out completely, scan both sides and send everything by Email)

• Identification card / passport(Scanning)
Title professional(Scanning)

Please consider that this Master has LIMITED QUOTA, we recommend you start your enrollment process in advance.

All the documentation you can proceed with the payment. Notified of this action by Email.

Notice: Informs the aspiring professionals, the Organization reserves the right to refuse admission. If the applicant does not comply with delivery of all documents and especially the professional profile suitable, registration will be refused and proceed with the respective return payment.


Cost of the Master 1500 USD + 14% of the VAT-> Total to pay: 1710 USD

Discount for registration early (applied to the cost net of 1500 USD)

July - August
Individual: 5% discount + VAT - > Total to pay: 1624,50 USD
Group:7% discount + VAT - > Total to pay: 1590,30 USD(If will register two or more people-indicate it in the notification of the payment)

Your physical Bill, may withdraw it at the reception of the Integralis therapeutic Center in the city of Quito.

=>If you have any concerns in the form of payment and delivery of the invoice, please contact by email before making your payment!


Effective: By deposit or bank transfer to the following account:

Current account: 3489212904
Institution: Banco Pichincha
Name: Kristel Polo
C.I.: 1715610679
Phone: 0999469226

Electronic means: PAYPAL to the account manga
Credit or debit card:
The payment at the reception of the INTEGRALIS THERAPEUTIC CENTER.
Address: Calle F #N34-74 and Edmundo Carvajal, House 6, 3rd floor. (DC sector The forest). -QUITO D.M.
Schedules: 8:30 to 13:30 and 15:30 to 19:30


• Presentation and introduction
• Demonstrations with students
• Advances in neuroscience in the study of the mind
• Introduction to basic psychology to hypnosis
• Brain function and the hypnotic process
• Creation of States through the conversation
• Fundamental laws of the hypnotic process
• Epigenetics and the effect of emotions on generations
• Introduction to systemic hypnosis and its effect epigenetic in generations
• Stanford heuristic model
• Assimilate techniques top of the hypnosis classic
• Learn the cannons of the hypnosis Ericksonian
• Understand the difference between classic hypnosis and Ericksonian
• Understand the patterns of change Erickson
• Markers of status hypnotic
• Law of Miller
• Learn to determine the time exact of the phenomenon "huy"
• Technical quick of induction and response Neuropsychological
• Induction pure Ericksonian, student demonstration
• Know the process hypnotic to produce changes in the others
• Neuro-linguistic programming
Neuro emotional © reconstruction
-Modify answers somatic by means of the techniques more advanced
-Technique of Neuro-reconstruction-emotional "NRE" ©
-Technical of Opto-stimulation-Neuronal "OEN"® for the overcoming quick of flashback and fears, made traumatic, etc.
-Hypnosis heuristics ©
-Decoding Neuropsychological
• Technical neurophysiological
• Scripts cognitive in hypnosis clinic
• The restructuring emotional under hypnosis
• Scripts behavioral in Clinical Hypnosis
• Physiotherapeutic Scripts with psycho-image
• The interaction psycho-biological
• The response somatogena
• The neurotransmitters and self-healing factor
• Response basal in hypnosis clinic
• Vagal response in hypnosis
• Learn how to control blood pressure and blood glucose through hypnosis
• Protocols several for smoking, obesity, fear, phobia, fibromyalgia, control of the pain, etc.
• Experiential training of change through the hypnotic language patterns
• Methodology for therapy and change from mixed practice
• Learn to design a range of interventions on the basis of the model of the customer
• Protocols for generating patterns of change in a variety of contexts including therapy, education, training, business and sport.
• Technique subliminal or modeling hidden behavioral.
• Use modeling to create intervention practices for the customers.


Dr. Kristel Jeanine Polo
Representative official of A.I.H.C.E. in Ecuador
-Magna psychology-

Cell: 0999469226
Conventional: (02) 2454-556 / 6011-154